Economic Development

Before Mercedes built its first American plant in Alabama, people told me it was impossible. But my administration and I rolled up our sleeves and we made it happen. Today, Mercedes, Honda, Hyundai, and Toyota plants and their suppliers employ 50,000 Alabamians. Creating new and better jobs is critical to providing a brighter future for Alabama. We need to actively develop Alabama's economy - with new and existing businesses. I want to help Alabama do with renewable energy, biotechnology, and other fields what it has done with automobiles.


Preparing young people for successful careers in tomorrow's economy is the most important job of any state. But Money isn't everything. Of course we have to work to achieve better funding for education, but we also have work to ensure proper accountability. I have other goals for education as well:

- recruit and retain qualified teachers
- enhance of effective programs like the Alabama Reading Initiative.
- bring discipline to the classroom.
- work at the local level to involve parents in their children's education.


As healthcare costs continue to rise, Many Alabamians struggle to find good jobs with healthcare coverage. We need to work with small businesses to develop innovative programs to make sure they can offer employees quality health coverage.

Alabama Values

Marsha and I have been married since 1977. We have two wonderful children: one college graduate and one college freshman. My parents raised me live by Alabama values. Marsha and I have worked to pass those same values on to our children - hard work, compassion, charity, responsibility. Those values are what public service is really all about.

Bi-partisan Leadership

I have worked hard to cross party lines and to make government about real leadership, not partisan bickering. As Lt. Governor I'll do what I have always done -- bring people together from diverse backgrounds to build coalitions and get things done.

Second Amendment Rights

I hunt, I fish, and I love the outdoors, So, I have always supported the rights of gun owners. In past campaigns, I have been endorsed by the National Rifle Association. The Second Amendment protects our right to keep and bear arms, and I won't support any proposal that infringes on that right.

Eminent Domain

Despite recent court decisions, Alabama should work to ensure that our government cannot use the power of "eminent domain" take private property to give to businesses. Eminent domain powers should be limited to traditional uses like utilities, and roads.

Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is both a serious federal and state issue with national security and economic implications. While it is certainly true that we are a nation of immigrants, we must strengthen our border security and enforce our immigration laws.

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