10.29.06: Jim Folsom represents balance in Montgomery

10.29.06: Folsom could advance a progressive agenda

10.28.06: Jim Folsom Jr. for lieutenant governor

10.28.06: Huntsville Times: Folsom for Lt. Governor

10.27.06: Strange Pattern of Deception

10.24.06: Talladega Daily: Folsom good choice for lieutenant governor

10.24.06: Folsom uses Mercedes as reason to vote for him

10.24.06: What a Strange Strange Coincidence in Attack Ads

10.18.06: Check out your election choices

10.17.06: Alabama Police Group endorses Folsom

10.16.06: Folsom visits Selma on campaign tour

10.11.06: Folsom visits area farm to promote biodiesel
Lieutenant governor candidate says 'it's only answer' to high fuel costs

10.11.06: Folsom promotes alternative fuel sources in campaign apperance

10.11.06: Folsom supports biodiesel incentives

10.5.06: Folsom 'wants to bring auto plant' to area

10.4.06: Folsom to seek road to boost Shoals

10.4.06: View the latest TV spot "We WIll" click to view

10.3.06: New poll shows potentially close races in Alabama

9.29.06: New Poll on the Lt. Governor's Race Released

9.24.06: Folsom Speaks at Opening of Local HQ in Walker County

9.20.06: Folsom strikes first in TV spot

9.19.06: Jim Folsom Jr. recieves an "A" rating from the NRA

9.11.06: The new Jim Folsom Jr. for Lt. Governor campaign site launches!

9.8.06: Folsom touts his experience